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What Should I Do With My Leaking Water Heater 


Millions of people are dependent on hot water heaters, especially during the winter season. Perhaps, a lot of us have our own experience of turning on the water heater, only to find out that cold water came out or a leak happened. It is important to urgently address this problem, as it can become a bigger problem to face in the future if neglected. Because of this, you might try to troubleshoot it first on your own before calling for a professional plumber.

Here are some things you can do to address your leaking water heater problem:

Turn Off The Power Supply

To prevent further water leakage, it is important to turn off the power supply to stop the possible flood of water around the area. You can simply do this by simply switching off the circuit breaker.

Turn Off The Water Supply

Once you’ve turned off the power supply and there’s still persistent leaking, immediately turn off your water supply. Most water heaters have a shut-off valve depending on what type of unit you own. Remember that electric and gas heaters are operated differently, it is essential to know the basic controls of your own water heating unit. However, if there are difficulties with turning it off from the valve, find the main switch of the water supply that turns off all the water sources of your house. This can also help to ensure that the water leakage will fully stop.

Determine Where The Leak Is Located

The source of water leak plays a big difference in what the problem could be, it can come from different parts of the water heater. In order to address and troubleshoot the leakage properly, thoroughly inspect first the unit to find the leakage source and assess the damage. It will also be easier once you call for a professional plumber later on.

Some leak-prone parts include:

  • Cold Water Inlet and Hot Water Inlet connections
  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
  • Drain Valve
  • Internal Tank

Repair The Unit On Your Own Or Call For A Plumber

After assessing the location of the leak and the degree of damage, you can now know if it needs professional help or not. For minor damages such as loose drain valves, they can be easily fixed on your own. If persistent or major leaks occurred, it is most recommended to call for a professional plumber or replace the unit with a new one, especially if the heater is old or dilapidated.

When water heater leakages are neglected, they can be more difficult to address in the future and can also affect the health and safety of the people in the household.

Therefore, if there is suspected leaking of your water heaters at home, it is important to assess it quickly to prevent bigger problems later on. If you need further assistance with your leaking water heater, call Shaul’s at 778-397-4850 or schedule an appointment with us through our website.

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