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Why Does My Sink Water Look Cloudy?


Have you tried to get a glass of water on your tap and the water that comes out is cloudy? That “milky” or white water may be caused by tiny air bubbles or trapped air that built up in the water pipes. However, this is completely harmless.

What you should do is let it sit for a few minutes, and wait for the bubbles to rise up and dissipate, making the water clear. An increase in water pressure in your plumbing or trapped air in your pipes may be the reasons for those air bubbles. But it’s important to note that the water is safe to drink.

This cloudy water usually happens during cold weather where air becomes more soluble in water as water pressure increases, or the water temperature decreases. This is because cold water can hold more air than warm water. In winter, water that travels from a cold reservoir warms up as it moves its way to your tap. Air in the water that comes out of the solution will look cloudy.

Also, the air is pulled into the plumbing and is put under pressure. Water that is under pressure holds more air than water that’s not pressurized. Once the water comes out of the tap, the water is not anymore under pressure, and the air that comes out of the solution becomes bubbles. This is a carbonated effect that’s created causing cloudy water.

Other possible causes of white water are high content of dissolved minerals, contamination of fine particles from dirt or organic matter, and you are using well water where methane occurs.

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